NOVEMBER 21 – 22, 2022. Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.


The fulcrum of the second edition of Africa Cashless Payment Systems Conference is to trigger the development and implementation of safe, reliable and efficient national payments systems and Financial Market Infrastructures (FMIs) in Africa which is very crucial in achieving a secured, affordable, and accessible payment systems and services to help expand financial inclusion, foster development and support financial stability in Africa.


This second edition of Africa Cashless Payment Systems Conference will be the one of the largest fintech conference and exhibition with about 1000 participants.

It will be a stop shop where financial institutions, investors and consumers can access the latest innovations that will underpin the next phase of financial innovation and transformation. It will provide the needed platform for fintech companies and vendors of financial solutions to interface with consumers and policy makers so as to enhance seamless and secured digital financial transaction across the continent with minimal disruptions.

The conference will bring together the brightest minds from across Africa to discuss Digital Financial Solutions, Cyber Security, e-Commerce, Digital Retail Banking, Payment Systems, Fintech and identity as well as the challenges in the digital market. It will ignite new ideas and inspires the audience to think differently.

Participants will be stimulated by innovators, business leaders and entrepreneurs from across Africa.

The goal is to provide an venue for a productive dialogue among digital financial solutions stakeholders where digital product vendors, consumers, the academia, and regulators will brainstorm on mutual concerns and challenges to efficient product deliverables. It will seek to foster collaboration and debate on key Fintech topics including efficient and fair regulation and financial inclusion.

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