About us

For over 20 years, Foreign Investment Network (FIN) a United Kingdom based company has been a key driver

of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for Africa and other developing economies. FIN is a consultant in Oil and gas, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Metallurgical & Engineering Industries, Infrastructure and Maritime for financing, project assessment and risk analysis.

We Reach Out For Investments.

We have carved our company into the hearts of investors because of our strategy of tying projects to time and finance. Our marketing strategy include International conferences, business meetings, advocacy visits, investment fora, international exhibitions and Fin Award has attracted world leaders and policy makers to our events.FIN also has in its stable, FIN Magazine, published in English, French and Chinese and circulated globally which over the years has transformed into an investors tunic.

We For Raise Funds Projects.

Through our membership platform, we have amassed and worked closely with a network of international partners across the world

we have been able to build key relationships, assist many developing economies (particularly in Africa) in their quest to attract quality Foreign Direct Investment, and expand business goals. 

Our Team

Wofai Samuel
Head – Oil & Gas