Through our membership platform, we have amassed and worked closely

with a network of international partners across the world; we have been able to build key relationships, assist many developing economies (particularly in Africa) in their quest to attract quality Foreign Direct Investment, and expand business goals.

Access to finances

Access to our pool of finance and technology for investment opportunities.

Location Branding

FIN would make you look better and attractive to investors, we can lobby and help you achieve your objectives.

Invitation to trade missions

Our membership offers you the opportunity to acquire deeper insights into collaborations and investment opportunities in the financial and energy sectors.

FIN Magazine and E communication

Gain access to up to date information on trade and investment opportunities in Africa through the fin magazine, fin website and other e platforms.

Special Events

Members are invited to dinners, forums, private meetings and receptions through out the year to meet and establish relationships with global key players.

Benefiting from our advisory services

We assist government investment promotion agencies to promote their locations, identify foreign investors and strengthen their ability to attract and retain investment.

Customized advisory services

Gain access to expert advice on investment opportunities, linkage to business partners, enterprise platforms and policy issues.

Business Conferences, Economic Summits and Exhibitions

Establish new business relationships/partnerships and obtain information on the latest investment opportunities in Africa through our sector specific business conferences, summits and exhibitions at discounted rates for members.

About us

FIN Membership.

Our membership capitalizes on exposure through our events, programs, sponsorships, brannding, and access to information.

USD $10,000

Platinum Membership.

USD $5,000

Gold Membership.

USD $2,500

Silver Membership.

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