Fin Honors Oil & Gas Icons.

Some business leaders, trailblazers, policy makers and investors in the Oil and gas sectors in Africa were on Monday in Abuja rewarded with the prestigious Foreign Investment Network (FIN) Petroleum Industry Award in recognition of their contributions to the sector. Foreign Investment Network (FIN), a United Kingdom based company established out of necessity to meet the investment need of promoting emerging economies in Africa.

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For over 20 years, FIN has been a key driver of Foreign Direct Investment.

Foreign Investment Network (FIN), a United Kingdom based company has been a key driver of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for Africa and other developing economies. FIN is a consultant in Oil and gas, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Metallurgical & Engineering Industries, Infrastructure and Maritime for financing, project assessment and risk analysis.

Solutions for Companies

We assist companies from all sectors to select locations for international expansion and to implement expansion, consolidation or relocation of projects.

Solutions for Government Agencies

We assist government investment promotion agencies to promote their locations, identify foreign investors and strengthen their ability to attract and retain investment.

FIN Publications

The Foreign Investment Network is the publisher of FIN magazine. FIN magazine has rapidly grown to become a leading source of quality information on Investment.

Foreign Investment Network Highlights


Our Strategy for Africa

FIN has taken over the driving seat and is in touch with high net worth investors from across the globe for strategic investment in all sectors of the economy in Africa.

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FIN Award

FIN awards exceptional individuals and organizations that have had major influence and demonstrated tangible impact in sustaining economic development and improving people’s quality of life globally.

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International Partnership

Foreign Investment Network (FIN) enjoys strong relationship with world policy makers and opinion leaders. Overs the years FIN has established good with the British parliament, world leaders, opinion leaders and government in Africa.

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Through our membership platform, we have amassed and worked closely with a network of international partners across the world; we have been able to build key relationships as well as assist many developing economies.

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March 22nd – 24th, 2020

Africa Cashless Payment Summit on March 22-24th 2020 will create a convergence point for networking, business opportunities, strategies for a seamless and secured cashless payment for African & international tech leaders, investors, Payment Systems Executives, Financial Institutions, Fintech Companies, Payment Card Executives, Economic leaders who want to do business in Africa.

The two day fintech summit will provide an opportunity for Business-to-Business (В2В), meetings, foster discussions on Joint Venture Partnership between African Fintech companies, connect over 500+ digital leaders, tech corporates, MNO’s, banks, investors, regulators, start-ups, creatives media and leading tech ventures from across .

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