Who Funds BRI?

The funding for this plan can be seen from four perspectives; direct funding from China; indirect funding from China; funding from international bodies and funding from member countries.  China is providing funding for this initiative directly through: US$40 billion Silk Road fund; New Development Bank; Industrial and Commercial bank of China (ICBC); China development Bank; the Export-Import Bank.  The indirect funding from China is basically loans from China to member countries of the BRI, for example, the China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China are to extend over US$200 billion to members countries of BRI. A number of railway projects in BRI member countries are sponsored by Chinese loans. International financial organizations such as the World Bank (WB), Asia Development (ADB), Asian Infrastructure development bank, Africa Development Bank (AFDB), and global commercial banks such as the HSBC are involved in the provision of funding for the member countries. Lastly, governments of individual countries also provide counterpart funding for the BRI project in their territory.

The New development bank logo and China development bank tower. Source; Ndb and Nenosplace and Bank of China.

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