The United Kingdom’s Strategic Move in South Africa

The UK’s strategic move in South Africa is a different ball game altogether. The Global Future Cities project which is an £80 million program gives out opportunities to promote inclusive urban economic growth and increase global prosperity by working around the three underpinning themes of Transport, Resilience, Urban Planning. The project in South Africa took off in 2019 and will run through 2022. The British high commissioner in South Africa Nigel Casey expressed high optimism about the results the project would generate in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

Mr. Casey revealed that “the program has been designed to achieve maximum impact in the areas of transport, urban resilience and sustainable planning. The projects are being delivered by a PwC lead consortium comprising local and international firms and experts. The Cape Town project focuses on technical assistance and capacity building around the City’s Data Strategy to support evidence-based decision-making processes”.  In cape town, the program is providing technical assistance to aid the city’s ambitious data strategy enabling evidence-based decision-making processes to inform robust planning and policy processes.

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