Renewable Energy To Complement Oil Production

Algeria introduces renewable energy into fossil energy production through the use of solar energy in oil platforms. The Algerian Minister of Energy, Mustapha Guitouni, stated that the implementation of this program will ensure that oil infrastructures in Algeria are equipped with renewable energy by 2030. The first phase of the program will focus on producing 400 megawatts of solar energy over the highlands and far south, including the Hassi R’mel hybrid power plant which will run on solar energy and gas. Mr. Guittouni stated that “Algeria aspires to cover 80% of electricity needs of oil sites from solar energy”. The project is to cost about 1.6 billion euros (218 billion dinars).

Algerian National oil company, Sonatrach has commenced activities to solarize 80 percent of its oil fields. The first solar park was inaugurated by Sonatrach on November 28, 2018, in Bir Rebaa North. The plants consist of 31,320 photovoltaic panels, arranged on a surface area of twenty hectares with a capacity to produce 10 MW. The electricity produced by the plant which cost 14.2 million euros will be used to power the Bir Rebaa North oil field. Sonatrach also signed an agreement with ENI to build an advanced research and development laboratory to test solar and hybrid technologies in a desert environment.

Algerian Minister of Energy, Mustapha Guitouni. Source: fennecnews

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