Nigeria’s Active Telecoms Subscribers Reach 141m In October – NCC

A record of 140,766,653 active subscribers of the telecommunication networks in October as against 139,905,213 in September has been made by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). This was revealed by the telecommunications regulatory agency in its Monthly Subscriber/Operator Data. Active subscribers grew up by 861,440.

According to the data, 140,350,383 of the 140,766,653 active numbers subscribe to the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network services, with the GSM operators’ active customers’ figure increased by 863,551 in October, after the 139,486,832 subscribers recorded in September.

According to the report, MTN had 50,720,702 users in October, out of the GSM operators, revealing an increase of 413,533 from the 50,307,169 it recorded in September. Globacom’s figure increased in October by 68,954 with 37,418,933 customers, as against 37,349,979 in September.

Similarly, Airtel had 35,089,690 subscribers showing an increase of 463,946 users, from the 34,625,744 recorded in September while 9mobile recorded a decrease in customers by 82,882 in October, with a customer base of 17,121,058, as against 17,203,940 users in September.

The September figure of 217,566 users recorded by the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) operators was retained in October. Visafone, one of the two surviving CDMA operators had 213,106 customers, while Multi-Links had 4,460 customers.

According to the monthly subscriber/operator data, the Fixed Wireless network (landline) consumers remained at 26,865 in October. One of the two landline networks, Visafone had 26,437 subscribers, while Multi-Links record of 428 customers remained the same.

The Fixed Wired operators (landline) subscriber base was also revealed to 10,351 users in October, as against 115,205 recorded in September, reducing by 4,854.

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