Equipping To Expand In Suez

Supplied by Egyptian dealer Otrac Heavy Equipment, Doosan and Bobcat equipment has played an important role in the intensive construction works that have been undertaken for the recently completed extension of the Suez Canal, heralded as a historic achievement that will help to boost the Egyptian economy.

The Suez Canal dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century and the original canal was completed in November 1869. Egypt was the first recorded country to build a man-made canal of this kind across its land for international trade. Connecting the Mediterranean Sea directly with the Red Sea, the Suez Canal is the shortest route between the East and the West.

The Egyptian Ministry of Defence (MoD) initiated and managed the US$8.5bn canal extension, deepening the main waterway and providing ships with an additional 35k (22 miles) channel parallel to the main Suez Canal, as part of a larger undertaking to expand trade along the fastest shipping route between Europe and Asia.

Hatem Quda, chairman of Otrac Heavy Equipment, discussed his company’s role in supplying Doosan and Bobcat machines to the MoD for use on the Suez Canal Extension project. He said, “Our machines have been taking part in this great project and are now considered a part of Egyptian history. This has been based on the trust placed in Otrac and the confidence shown by the MoD in our capabilities.”


With the new parallel waterway allowing two-way traffic on the Suez Canal, the Egyptian government aims to more than double annual canal revenues to some US$13bn in less than a decade.

Authorities also plan to build an industrial and logistical zone along the canal over the next five years, hoping to draw investment on the vital shipping lane between Asia and Europe for companies eager to place operations along the route.

Mr. Outa commented, “Our success would not have been possible without the full assistance of and collaboration with Doosan Construction Equipment to fully achieve our goals.”

He elaborated, “Since we were established in 1992, our company has had the business philosophy of assisting employees to achieve their career dreams, ensuring customers’  success and satisfaction, and increasing Doosan market share and reputation in the Egyptian market. We will continue to provide excellent management and our unique after-sales services under our “Machine Never Stop’ slogan, to not only maintain but increase our customers’ satisfaction with Doosan and Bobcat products

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