Africa is receiving unparalleled attention from large global companies in the Oil and gas sector. Africa is home to some of the world's largest petroleum compainies and as industries continues to expand, oil and gas needs continues to grow. A relative lack of exploration throughout the continent offers huge potential for the further exploitation of untapped resources.

The discoveries made to date in Africa and Asia bear no comparison with the significant finds off Argentina or the North Sea gas fields. However, ongoing advances in technology and seismographic equipment have kindled renewed interest in Africa's hydrocarbon resources by some of the world's largest oil companies.

At FIN, we have a basket full of experienced oil and gas advisor, in oil prospecting, off and onshore activities and oil well politics. We pursue with aggression our exploration strategy and we have in our kitty a line of investors ready to fund portions of your company's capital needs.

We have also organised several conferences in the oil and gas sector including:

  • First Annual African Petroleum, Energy and Mining Forum, Brussels, 2005
  • Nigeria - China Solid Minerals Investment Forum, Beijing, China, 2007
  • African-Dubai International Energy Conference, Dubai, 2009.
  • African Petroleum & Energy Forum, China, 2010
  • The Petroleum Industry Award, Vienna, 2013