For over 20 years, Foreign Investment Network (FIN), a United Kingdom based company has been a key driver of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for Africa and other developing economies. FIN is a consultant in Oil and gas, Agriculture, Telecommunication, Metallurgical & Engineering Industries, Infrastructure and Maritime for financing, project assessment and risk analysis.

We have carved our company into the hearts of investors because of our strategy of tying projects to time and finance. Our marketing strategy include International conferences, business meetings, advocacy visits, investment fora, international exhibitions and Fin Award has attracted world leaders and policy makers to our events.

FIN also has in its stable, FIN Magazine, published in English, French and Chinese and circulated globally which over the years has transformed into an investors tunic. 






Join us in DUBAI

United Oriental Business Group & Foreign Investment Network (FIN) invites you to the III Private Investment Forum, Worldwide.         An Assembly of 10,000 companies where over $1 billion deals will be closed.

February 27 - 28, 2018 

VENUE: Burj Al Arab Towers, UAE

TIME: 9.30am



 FIN Training Institute


One week training on "Investment  and Business Promotions Strategy" at the London Business School from March 28th – 1st April, 2018.

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The world looks unto Africa and Nigeria in particular as an investment hub for the 21st century. International investors have realized this fact.

FIN has taken over the driving seat and is in touch with high net worth investors from across the globe for strategic investment in all sectors of the economy in Africa.

We have assisted several economies in Africa attract quality Investment, bridge the investment gap between Africa and International Investors.

Solution For Companies

We assist companies from all sectors to select locations for international expansion and to implement projects or execute expansion progeamme or consolidation.

Solution for government

We assist government investment promotion agencies to promote their proposals, identify foreign investors and strengthen their ability to attract and retain investment.

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